The University of North Carolina at Asheville has established accessible policies and procedures for the filing and review of student appeals and complaints. Questions about these procedures can be directed to:

Dr. Regine Criser
Director of Student Success
006 Ramsey Library, CPO 1580
1 University Hts, Asheville NC, 28804

Appeals and Complaints:

Student Appeals

A student appeal is a request for faculty and/or administrators to review and overturn a prior decision.  Decisions subject to student appeal are listed below. To learn more about filing a student appeal, click on the links below.

Student Complaints

A student complaint, or grievance, is an objection to an alleged violation of law, applicable University policies or procedures, and/or deprivation of applicable due process for which the University is or may be responsible, or has a responsibility to address or resolve.  To learn more about filing a student complaint, click on one of the links below or complete the UNC Asheville Student Complaint Form.

Sexual Misconduct Complaints and Appeals:

The Title IX Office addresses disclosures, complaints, and appeals concerning sexual or gender-based harassment or other forms of sexual misconduct. To file a complaint regarding sexual misconduct, email the Title IX Coordinator at or learn more by going to